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Black Catholic Round-up, Book edition (12/2/2020)

The latest and greatest in literature covering Black Catholics—including upcoming works in 2021.

New (and new-ish) releases


The Chronicles of the African American
The Chronicles of the African American is about American history that was not taught in schools. It is about a timeline of sorts, a calendar of event in the life of the African American outside the plantation. The laws of our land that governed the African/American and some of the results. This book…
Black history book from Herbert Strider.


Gems of Cincinnati’s West End
This project began with my decision to interview and/or read about 100 alumni and/or their parents who were educated in those inner city Catholic schools between 1940-1970. Their personal stories are at the core of this narrative that details the Catholic church’s impact on their lives. In addition,…
Chronicling of Great Migration-fueled Black Catholic schools in Cincy. By LaVerne Summerlin.

Mary Lou Williams

Soul on Soul
First time in paperback and e-book! The jazz musician-composer-arranger Mary Lou Williams spent her sixty-year career working in—and stretching beyond—a dizzying range of musical styles. Her integration of classical music into her works helped expand jazz’s compositional language. Her generosity ma…
Lift Every Voice and Swing
Explores the role of jazz celebrities like Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, and Mary Lou Williams as representatives of African American religion in the twentieth centuryBeginning in the 1920s, the Jazz Age propelled Black swing artists into national celebrity. Many took on the role of…


Black Saints in Early Modern Global Catholicism
“In the spring of 2015, I found myself standing outside the walls that led to a courtyard in front of a local church. The doors were supposed to be open according to the hours provided by the tourist office; after waiting a while, I went in search of help. Around the corner was a municipal library, …
Afro-Catholic Festivals in the Americas
This volume demonstrates how, from the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade, enslaved and free Africans in the Americas used Catholicism and Christian-derived celebrations as spaces for autonomous cultural expression, social organization, and political empowerment. Their appropriation of Catholic-b…

Coming soon

Feb. 17th, 2021 releases from Maryknoll's Orbis Books

Birth of a Movement
Birth of a Movement offers a Christ-like perspective of the Black Lives Matter movement through its radical call to dignity and equality for all people. It examines the founders of the movement and the church’s involvement with slavery, including the more recent decision by Georgetown University to …
Book on BLM from Olga Segura.
The Church and the Racial Divide
The only Catholic bishop who has consistently written on race matters, Bishop Braxton begins this timely book with a probing personal introduction in which he describes his family’s history and his experience as an African American that he brought to his ministry as a Catholic priest and bishop. In …
Reflections from retired Black Catholic bishop Edward K. Braxton.

April 10th

Facing Georgetown’s History
A microcosm of the history of American slavery in a collection of the most important primary and secondary readings on slavery at Georgetown University and among the Maryland Jesuits Georgetown University’s early history, closely tied to that of the Society of Jesus in Maryland, is a microcosm of th…
Also see: the larger Jesuit project on slavery within their institution(s).


Dr. Tia Pratt's "Faithful and Devoted: Racism and Identity in the African-American Catholic Experience".

Dr Shannen Dee Williams' "Subversive Habits: Black Catholic Nuns in the Long African American Freedom Struggle."

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