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The world is a tinder box of matches.

The fire is burning strong.

As you watch it crackle and burn.

You must pause and wonder.

When did the fire begin?

It seems that there is a new beginning.

But there is no peace for all mankind.

Listen to the distant war drums,

beating through the night.

Fallen soldiers, death, and destruction.

No peace for all mankind.

New beginnings waiting in the wings,

 Peace at the door.

Love afloat, God with open arms.

Seek and ye shall find,

 Peace for all mankind.

As the fire is extinguished.

A new life begins for everyone.

Dorothy Dempsey is a senior citizen who loves to write. She thanks God for allowing her to share this gift through published articles in The St. Louis American, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Belleville News, St. Louis Catholic Review, and in various books.

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