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"God, I Thank You For Mary" (poem)

A poem from T. Dana McCreary.

(Trilogy Christian Publishing)

Editor's note: The following poem was shared online recently by T. Dana McCreary, author of "The Mary Experience: An Intimate Experience that all Christians Experience", a book released in 2020. A former altar boy and graduate of Archbishop Carroll High School in Washington, DC, McCreary promotes Biblical studies and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree. His poem is reprinted here with permission.

"God, I Thank You For Mary"

Father, I thank you for Mary

For she accomplished all

Being bold and courageous

and for answering the call.

Father, I thank you for Mary

for becoming the mother of Jesus Christ

who was born, died, buried, and on the third day got up from the grave

that we might have eternal life.

Father, I thank you for Mary

for her life reveals

that we are only vessels to do God's will.

Father, I thank you for Mary.

Father God, I thank you for the Mary Experience.

I thank you for Mary's life.

But most of all I want to thank you

for giving me Jesus Christ.


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T. Dana McCreary has a Master's of Arts in Counseling. He is the author of "The Mary Experience" and is pursuing his doctoral degree in theology. He is a certified hospital chaplain.

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