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A criminal for president? I think not.

Former president Donald Trump has been booked on criminal charges in Georgia, but his followers have not swayed from his cause. Dorothy Dempsey wonders why aloud.

Former president Donald Trump's mugshot for his booking on RICO, conspiracy, and oath violation charges in Georgia on August 24. (Fulton County Sheriff's Office/Getty Images)

I recently witnessed a group of Republicans on television with signs that read, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for President Trump.”

It was disturbing, to say the least. It was as if they were giving thanks to a real god. In contrast, Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock recently communicated this: 

“We know who Donald Trump is, but do we know who we are?” 

It leaves one to wonder if some of the Republicans really do know who Trump is. It is beyond comprehension that a group of Trump's Republican base is thanking our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for a known criminal.

Their vision seems so warped. It is as if they are satanic worshipers of a human devil and have lost sight of a democratic society. They are caught up in a fantasy world devoid of people who do not look like them.

The United States had long been like a shining star of opportunity to the world. It no longer shines, however, and now offers a bleak future for those who seek shelter here. The people no longer feel sheltered or safe. When you come to the realization that a mere man without any redeeming character can reach the status of a human god, then you know the nation is in a whole heap of trouble.

Voting a proven criminal into the highest office of the country will always be a path to the destruction of a democratic society. We have laws that are in dire need of change. Namely, there is nothing in place to protect us from a felonious former president running again for office. A criminal president who has been given special privileges that a person of color would never have received.ᅠ

The motto is: “No one is above the law.” That does not apply, it seems, to Trump as the past president of the United States. He thrives on attention and continues to bleed his followers dry for every nickel, dime, or penny, with no regard for anyone but himself. There is no end to this nightmare.

Any critical thinker should be sensible enough to realize that Trump is self-driven. He cares nothing about the needs of the people. He is in the fight for his life and his alone.

Moreover, it would appear the good of the people is not a priority to the Republicans or to Trump. Their game is universal greed, hate, and division. It seems a criminal president in chains is all right with them. They want to continue with the rhetoric of all past grievances, including the ills of President Biden's son Hunter.

Sadly, there are even Trump followers who have died and become martyrs for him. Alas, God created Trump. He cannot jump higher than the Almighty. All of Trump’s plans mean nothing if God has not ordained them to be so.

No man rules the destiny of this world. We must take heed of all that is happening today. An excellent example is James Baldwin’s text in his 1963 book, “The Fire Next Time.” In it, he says: “No more water, the fire next time!” He speaks of his rage against institutionalized racism—a scourge still pervasive in our society even now.

We live in a world on fire. A world ablaze with climate change, violence, and racism. They are the heated issues in our lives today. Trump is prone to violence, does not believe in climate change, and is a known racist. It does not matter to some people; it does matter to God., who does not compromise. God’s law is the law. 

Most will agree that the world does not need a morally repugnant man in the race for president of the United States. No man with Trump’s traits and mindset will ever rule the destiny of the world. He may compromise and change rules, but our destiny is in God’s hands.

Dorothy Dempsey is a senior citizen who loves to write. She thanks God for allowing her to share this gift through published articles in The St. Louis American, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Belleville News, St. Louis Catholic Review, and in various books.

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