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Anniversary testimonials

Last year, for our second anniversary here at Black Catholic Messenger, we asked to hear from you. And that we did!Responses poured in from around the world showcasing how BCM is making an impact in the lives of readers by telling Black Catholic stories. Check out a number of them below!

"Always focused, accurate, timely news that is not available to the Black Catholic faithful through mainstream media."
—Lari in Dallas
"Due to the fact that Catholic media does not consistently write about Black Catholics, the Messenger is my main source of news as it pertains to Black Catholics."
—Cheryl in Indiana
"I feel that a virtual resource like this was missing to make known the black Catholic experience in the United States."
—Lucas in São Paulo, Brazil
"Awesome. Thought-provoking. Faith inspiring. Educational. Encouraging. My spiritual DNA is enlightened. Helps me embrace my Catholic ID & my Black ID."
"I’ve enjoyed reading about the past and present of Black Catholics, and the opportunities it brings for us to consider our future role in the Church. It’s made me more appreciative of my own heritage as a Louisiana Creole Catholic. All in all, subscribing has been a very affirming experience."
—Ed in Oakland
"You truly have your finger on the pulse of Black Catholics in the US"
—Lorna in Boston
BCM editor Nate Tinner-Williams in November 2020 at the newly renovated grave of Daniel Rudd, founder of the nation's first Black Catholic newspaper.
"Long have I searched for Catholic writers to speak to some of the topics that are not spoken about enough. I've been following BCM since your first year, and haven't been disappointed. As a young Black Catholic, it brings me so much joy to see other young Black Catholics representing, and it inspires me to do more for my community. We have to show the world that Black Catholics are out here! And we have some things to say!"
—Justin in California
"I am pleased to learn more about Black Catholics... to know their background and issues relating to their faith. It is inspiring to know of their perseverance and support in the face of so much discrimination."
—Mary in New York State
"I have learned so much from the articles I read... I am learning through the articles as well as being challenged by them. BCM is a must-read."
—Mary Ann in Cleveland
"It is informative about matters you don't find anywhere else. It's number one with African-American Catholic news."

Historical marker for Daniel Rudd installed in 2021 in Springfield, Ohio.
"Wonderful! I am able to keep up with what is going on with my Black Catholic sisters and brothers. I am so happy to get POSITIVE news. BCM also deals with the real issues of racism, exclusion and white supremacy that is so prevalent in our Church today."
—Sr Irma in California
"You're educating people in a broader way."
—Dcn Denny in Seattle
"I enjoy all the historical information from around the world. You provide a lens to see what is happening, what has happened, and we can imagine the possibilities for the future."

Thank you to all of our readers! Here's to many more years to come.

BCM Board of Directors

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